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10 Things that Satan Can’t Do

Satan cannot be everywhere at once. He can only roam around (Job 1:7). He is not omnipresent, like God. The Lord fills the heavens and the earth (Jeremiah 23:24). I can never flee from God’s presence-day or night. God is there when I rejoice and worship Him. He is even there when I’m in trouble, regretful, and desperately needing help.

Typically, Satan doesn’t show up during those times when I’m rejoicing or when I’m desperately in need of help. He doesn’t like it when I rejoice, but He loves it when I grumble. And he is glad when I desperately need help, for that is his goal-to get me into trouble.

7. Satan Can’t Do Anything Without God’s Permission

10 Things that Satan Can't Do

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The Lord had to give permission for Satan to take away everything that Job had (Job 1:12 & Job 2:6). Even though he does rule the earth for the time being, Satan does so under a tight rein.

God has to allow Satan’s tragedies and temptations. God also gives him limitations on those temptations and tragedies. God only gives him permission when He can bring something good out of it.

8. Satan Can’t Steal My Faith

10 Things Satan Can't Do

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When I put on the entire armor of God daily (Ephesians 6:13-17), I am protected by a belt of truth as well as God’s righteousness. Shoes of peace cover my feet and help me to share the good news. A shield of faith stops arrows of lies that come at me. A helmet of salvation gives me confidence to go forward. And God’s Word is given to me as ammunition. Then, I can stand firm against Satan’s wiles.


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