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Wouldn’t you love to be like the tree in Verse 3 that is firmly planted by the rivers of water and is fruitful and prospers? Isn’t this the life we want to live in the Lord? This is the life He has promised to those who walk in close relationship with Him. It starts with a choice: Will we choose to follow the ways of an ungodly world, or will we choose to delight in the Lord?

What does “delighting in the Lord” mean?  It’s certainly more than having a casual relationship with Him. It happens as a result of consistently spending time building a rich and fulfilling relationship with God that leaves you wanting more. Spending intimate time with the Lord enables you to grow in a faith that is steadfast and firm. If you seek the Lord and follow after Him, you will delight in Him. To know Him is to delight in Him.

What is your desire? Do you long to be firmly planted by the rivers of water, solid and secure, delighting in the Lord day by day?


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