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3 Faith Problems that Will Kill Your Spiritual Growth

Have you ever lit a candle but it kept going out? Isn’t that so frustrating! Maybe it’s too windy, or too much wax covering the wick, or it’s raining. Although fire is a powerful force, there are still things that can overcome its flame.


In the same way, as powerful as our passion for God may be, there are still things that can extinguish our passion and spiritual growth. So I want to share with you three problems suffocating your passion for God and how to overcome them.

The first is fear. Now I don’t mean fear of the Lord. Fear of the Lord simply means reverence and honor of God. I mean the spirit of fear that we are warned about in 2 Timothy 1:7. Fear will stop us from giving our all to God and doing what He’s called us to do. It’s the voice in our heads that tell us we can’t do it, it’s impossible, and we’re not strong enough. But we can overcome fear with faith. Fear paralyzes us from expressing our passion for God. But when we choose to trust God even in the face of fear, faith propels us toward our destiny. The more we choose faith, the more we will see our God faithful, and that’s a sure fire way to increase your boldness and passion for Him.



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