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3 Simple Words of Encouragement

My hairdo and I have a complicated relationship. Most mornings I walk out of my apartment, and it looks just fine. But by the time I get to work? It’s a completely different story. My hair will pick up on the slightest hint of humidity in the air. It gets progressively messier throughout the day. Sometimes I glance at it mid-afternoon in the bathroom mirror at work and all I can say is, “Oh, my goodness.” It’s a lost cause!

Well, last week, I looked into the bathroom mirror at work and started laughing. Not because of my hair. No, my appearance had nothing to do with it. Someone had taped a message on the mirror. One phrase in all caps:

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I hadn’t seen the message earlier in the day. Where had it come from? “Must be a bathroom angel!” I joked toMeg Belviso,  an editor atAngels on Earth,  who also happened to be in the bathroom.

I had my suspicions of who was really responsible for the mirror pep talk, though–Guidepostseditor Danielle Lyle. She’s always giving people a confidence boost. She smiled when I questioned her.

“Yeah, that was me!” Danielle confessed. So why had she done it?

“I was just sitting at my desk, and I was thinking about how women suffer from so many insecurities,” she told me. “And I was thinking women who work in the same building as me probably suffer from insecurities and need to be told that they are beautiful. I wanted someone to feel lifted by the message.”



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