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3 Ways Wives Can Help Their Husbands Grow in Christ

Having a wife is the most awesome thing that could ever happen to a man, next to having Christ Jesus and God. Not only does a wife bring beauty, joy, and companionship to a man, she also provides him great help in getting closer to God and in becoming more Christ-like with each day.

I don’t know about you, but that’s what my wife has been doing to me. Daily.

How Wives Can Help Their Husbands Grow in Christ

Yes, wives can greatly help their husbands grow in Christ. Or, they can do the opposite and discourage the man of their lives from running after Jesus. The choice is up to you, ladies. But if I were you, you’d want to help your husband get closer to Christ.

To help you do that, here are some things you can do. My wonderful wife has done these for me, and I hope you would do these to your husband, too.

1. Pray For Him Non-Stop

Yes, the first thing you can do is to pray for your husband. You can’t change him. Instead, bend your knees before the Lord and ask Him to do what only He can do: make your husband grow in Christ-likeness.

Don’t worry. Even if your husband is the head of a certain ministry or whatever, realise that your role as his wife means you’re his number one partner. When you pray for him, God will hear you.

Nancy Leigh DeMoss of Revive Our Hearts has great 30-day challenge for you to pray for your husband.

2. Be Quick to Listen, Slow to Speak

Ladies, men need someone they can be open to without fear of backlash or judgment. Husbands generally want a wife who can also be his best buddy, someone with whom he can just be himself. And while real men appreciate honest, open, and constructive feedback, being quick to judge him without doing your best to listen will really hurt him.

James 1:19-20 tells us, “be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath; for the wrath of man does not produce the righteousness of God.”

Put this in practice by trying to listen more and then responding only after your husband has shared his concerns. It will greatly help, especially with husbands who are normally reserved.

3. Remind Him of God’s Heart for Him

Seeing my wife always reminds me of God’s love for me. No, she doesn’t even have to say anything to remind me of God’s love for me. You can also be that reminder to your husband. How?

Whenever you can, remind him of God’s heart for him. Tell him how much God loved him that He sent His one and only Son for his sake and yours. That God made both of you and has a purpose for your marriage. That God wants him to be blessed and live the life God wants for him. Be that reminder to him – God appointed you to that role.


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