Home General 4 Conversations That Can Bring Healing Into Your Life- Brady Boyd

4 Conversations That Can Bring Healing Into Your Life- Brady Boyd

Key Questions:


How do our conversations with God (and ourselves) shape our conversations with others?

How do you coach someone trying to learn to listen to God speak in prayer?

How can we heal others with our words?

When a pastor says something he or she shouldn’t have, how can that pastor start to reconcile?

Key Quotes:

“I think the great scandal of our age is how splintered and divided—how separated—the American church is from one another.”

“Conversations are holy. And if we don’t think that our words are holy, then we will misuse them.”

“I am completely convinced that God wants to speak to us—that God is speaking to us.”

“I think the most difficult person I will ever lead is myself.”

“The reason most of us are reckless with our words is because we’re not coaching ourselves.”

“You know what’s replaced journaling today is Facebook and blogging and Twitter posts, and I’m afraid…a lot of stuff I read on social media should have been reserved for their private journal.”

“If you can’t empathize with the person that you’re dealing with, then you probably shouldn’t have the conversation. So empathy is a powerful motivation, it’s a powerful tool that we have at our disposal.”

“I know that as the senior pastor of a large staff, I have authority and power that if I don’t use that properly, I can harm people, and that’s not what I want to do.”

“Wisdom with words is a recipe, according to the Bible, for healing. Wise words can heal people.”

“Think about right now the reckless words we’ve heard during the political campaign—from candidates, from media, from our friends on Facebook. How reckless people’s words were. We’re still today cleaning up the messes from those reckless words.”

“When we believe that we can be forgiven, we’re more prone to forgiving and asking for forgiveness.”

“I’m swimming in oceans of grace. Therefore, when someone needs a cup of cold water, I should have plenty to give away.”


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