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Read This Small Book of the Bible if the Enemy’s Oppression Overwhelms You

Sometimes the world can seem so out of control. We look at injustice or oppression and it feels wrong. We see systems and “kingdoms” doing evil, and we can feel powerless and overwhelmed. Why does it seem in certain situations that evil seems to be winning? Maybe there is hope and a strategy for us in God’s Word.

The other day, my wife and I were talking about the books of the Bible, and we observed that the book of Nahum doesn’t get a lot of press time. When was the last time that you heard a message on this prophet with a small book near the end of the Old Testament? Challenged by this conversation, I set out to revisit to see what we could learn about God.

At first glance, this book may seem like a terrible book to take someone to who is feeling overwhelmed by the “power” of the world. You might even expect to be more depressed than when you started. Although only three chapters, you will be struck by the judgment feel that is poured out throughout.

But then you stop and remember the country or empire that would be experiencing this judgment. It was the evil power of the day. Nineveh would have been the Nazi Germany of the world that heard Nahum’s message. I was listening to a podcast, and the pastor pointed out that Nineveh would have been the bullies of our day.

When we think of injustice or corrupt systems, a bully is a good mental picture of what we are experiencing. The bully on the playground gets away with things because no one seems to stand in their way. I think of our brothers and sisters in Christ in areas where Christians are persecuted, and the feeling of powerlessness against the “bully” would seem intense.


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