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What would happen if every church in America closed down this Sunday, and all God’s children had to do was sit and listen to the groans of the Holy Spirit? Shane Idleman says the residual effect would more powerful than anyone could possibly imagine.

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“From what I see, it’s embarrassing, what the church has become,” says the pastor of Westside Christian Fellowship in Leona Valley, California. “It breaks my heart. We should be powerful people of worship, broken before the Lord and leaving church feeling so full of the Holy Spirit. There were such powerful moves of God 100 years ago, and you couldn’t keep people away from the churches because they were filled with the spirit of God. … If Jesus Christ Himself needed the Holy Spirit, who do we think we are to continue to reject or quench or grieve His work?”

Watch this video to see what else Idleman says happens when we surrender ourselves to the Holy Spirit.



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