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5 Marriage Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Children Later On

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Married life not only impacts you, it touches your children. By allowing issues to grow and by not solving them in your relationship, they could really hurt and in some cases damage a child’s view on relationships as an adult. Things like not showing affection, calling each other names, avoiding discussions, or giving your spouse the silent treatment all can negatively impact children. By not addressing these issues, children could grow up doing the same things in their relationships and in life like being distant, not communicating, or becoming abusive. If you are in a toxic marriage where there is verbal, emotional, or physical abuse it is better that the children are kept out from that environment. Children can feel tension between parents and absorb emotional detachment. For those who are not in those conditions, it is important to remember that kids mimic what their parents do, so take inventory on what needs to be done to have a healthier marriage for you and the family.

You Fight in Front of the Kids

Being in a hostile home and around unhappy spouses could impact a child’s self-esteem and creates trust issues. Kids can start to internalize and wonder what is wrong with them that their parents are fighting. They believe that they caused the disharmony, eventually accept it as the norm. Later in life they may carry unnecessary guilt and believe erroneously that they are doing something wrong in their relationships. This might harm future partnerships and influence decisions and become hostile themselves. Additionally, they could attract the wrong people, and could end up in the same situation like you. The cycle would continue and the foundation for having dysfunctional relationships is set.


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