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5 Things to Do When Your Wife Is Wrong and You Know It

Instead of letting your feelings run the show and being known as the couple fighting constantly, let your commitment dictate what you do—the commitment to love her unconditionally, and do so for life. I made a covenant agreement, not a conditional agreement based on her actions.


Here are five things you must do when your wife is wrong and you know it.

1. Be honest. A tendency I have when my wife does or says something that hurts me is to be dishonest. You probably do the same. Has she ever asked you, “what’s wrong?” or “is everything okay?” And you responded “nothing” or “yep,” when actually just the opposite was true. You can’t do that. You have to be honest with her, and with yourself about how you felt wronged.

2. Look at you, not her. Another tendency we have is to focus solely on her, especially when she is wrong. Once you begin to focus on her, and not you, you begin to think her changing is the solution. Changing her is not the solution because you can’t do it. You can only change you. So, begin to look at yourself, look at what you can control, and begin there.


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