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5 Ways We Miss Out on Jesus When Reading Scripture

In our desire to have a deeper understanding of the Word, we Christians oftentimes treat the Bible like a crypt that needs to be cracked. In the process, we start looking for meaning even in places where the truth is already made obvious by the Holy Spirit. Sadly, the one truth that many can miss out is the truth of Christ Himself revealed throughout the Bible.

The whole Bible, from start to finish, is the story of one man: Jesus Christ. John 1:1 tells us, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

We can, and should be able to, find Christ from Genesis to Revelations, but if we are to be completely honest, that task is not always an easy one.

I admit that there are times that I still struggle to find Christ in every word and verse. Our sin and this broken world can often block our view.

Here are five ways that we can miss Christ when we read the Scripture.

1. Not Seeing Jesus Everywhere

Jesus is unmistakably everywhere in scripture. He is the Perfect Adam, High priest, Blameless Lamb, Perfect King and Messiah both in the Old and New Testament. Jesus’ name is written all over the Bible, maybe not literally, but in spirit Christ is what brings the Word to life.

2. Asking What Must We Do Before Asking What Christ Has Done

I love how we frequently say that the Bible is our user manual, but that’s not the primary purpose of God’s Word. It’s not just a rule book. It’s an account of the one man who kept the rules for us all. That man is no other than Christ.

3. Acting Without the Power of the Cross

When seeking to claim promises, obey commands or avoid certain sins, we must remember that we can only do so through the power of the Holy Spirit through Christ. When we make our walk about what we can do and what we should do, we miss out on the true power that is in Christ to move in our behalf even when we cannot.

4. Digging for Principles Without Seeing Jesus

The Bible is jam-packed with principles that are all intertwined into the characteristics of one man who lived out those principles perfectly. When we come into contact with these principles, let us ask ourselves, “How did Jesus walk with these principles?”

5. Failing to Read Through the Lens of Love

The power of the love of Christ is the lens by which we are able to see and understand the Scriptures and all of life as a whole. As we see more of Christ’s love for us and for the whole world, more light is shed into the truth that is revealed in the Scriptures.


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