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5 wonderful reasons to thank God for being you!

Thank You Lord
Thank You Lord

Even if you do not think your life is such a beautiful thing, after reading this you would most likely chance that opinion!



Reason #1: Education
If you are reading this post, you CAN read! There are millions of people out there, who do not possess such an essential skill. Without any education what chances to succeed in life do they have? Well, you already are better off than they are!



Reason #2: well-being and financial stability
Once again you have The Internet, a PC or a phone to browse it and read this post. Many people do not have such goods at their disposal. If you did not go to sleep hungry yesterday, you have some stability and comfort in life. Yes, the ads keep telling you to get more and be more. That’s great, but just take a moment to appreciate what you already have.



Reason #3: You are not done with
You have the future! You have a new day and a new chance to do better in life. You can fix things from the past and get a better day tomorrow. Some people do not have any “tomorrow” left.



Reason #4: You have a place to live in
Even if you rent it, even if you live with your family or relatives, so what? You have the roof over your head to keep you safe and give a place to return to. Many people suffer from war and are forced to abandon their houses and run. Just take a moment to thank God for all you have.


Reason #5: You have freedom

If you believe in God, you have the freedom in your spirit. You have freedom of choice and religion. That is one of the most precious gifts you can ever have in life.



So, after all, it is good to be you! There are at least 5 reasons to thank God for who you are and who you are not! Do it now and appreciate your life greatly.


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