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8 Reasons Why Girls Are Less Interested In Christian Men

No woman wants to go for her first date in church and listen to a man stealing mistari to win her over with the Bible.

Janet Mworia, who is in her mid-thirties, is searching for a man to settle down with, but she says that she finds nothing romantic about singing in the church choir and lifting her hands in church.

“I don’t mind saved people, but I hate listening to them talk about working on a Christian project, book, movie or magazine. Go out there and buy me flowers for heaven’s sake!” She says.

6. They are less tolerant

While a regular guy would entertain the thought of his wife going out with her girls occasionally, a staunch Christian only imagines that his wife will be out there meeting other men and probably sipping beer. They also tend to dictate how a woman should dress and consider make-up as evil.

“I made up my mind that I would never settle down with a saved man after watching one advocate stripping of women on social media,” Angel Nafula recalls. She adds that she “lost a close friend in 2014 because he encouraged rogue men to strip indecently dressed women in Nairobi streets.”

7. Consult God on everything

Women don’t want a man who in future will ‘talk to God’ first on important matters, like taking a sick child to hospital.

Yes, God helps, but didn’t He give us the freedom of choice and empowered us with intellect? There is a very thin line between faith and blind fanaticism and that’s something women cannot live with.

In 2009, a little girl died because her father had refused to take her to hospital. The man had first consulted his bishop, one Njoroge Mwangi of Mission of Holy Ghost Church.

“We do not take our sick to hospital because it amounts to putting the doctors before our Lord. We believe that our faith will cure the sick,” he said, adding that the Bible demanded they have faith that can move mountains.

“We pray, anoint and read the Word for those who are sick. The family is also required to fast so that their sick can get better. We protect ourselves by fulfilling God’s commandments,” he added.

Archbishop Njoroge stated that their values and principles should not be questioned, saying that their church should be respected.

8. They worship their pastors

Listening to a grown man call strangers “Daddy” and “Mum” can be a bit annoying. It also can turn off a woman to a point of imagining that all their future decisions will have to be run through pastors.


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