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A Mother’s Prayer

The Lord will accomplish what concerns me.Psalm 138:8

It was the night before her surgery.  The next day, the surgeon would be removing her diseased kidney.  She was sitting on the side of her bed praying. What would become of her 8 year-old twin girls if she died during the surgery.  Who would take care of them?

Then the Lord showed her a vision of many people taking care of the girls.  She then prayed, “Lord, please give me 10 more years –so they will become self-sufficient.”

The Lord remembered and answered her prayer. The Lord took her Home 10 years after she prayed that prayer. When their mother died, the girls were 18 years old, had their own apartment and both had good jobs and each had a car. Self-sufficient!

God answered my mother’s prayers.  The twins have always been employed (although one is now retired) both are married to good husbands.

Lord, we praise you because you care for us far more than we can ever imagine. Enable us to remember that “You will accomplish what concerns us.”

Question:  What are you concerned about today?  Tell Him about it and trust Him to accomplish what concerns you.


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