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Your Adversary Is A Defeated Foe

So just what exactly does the devil have in his arsenal? Not much. Only deception. He has to deceive you. How does he do that? He convinces you through craftiness to drop your weapons and run. He’s a good talker. He will use some very deceptive words to convince you that you can’t win whatever struggle you are facing.

We have all the tools we need to defeat the devil. We have the the armor of God, the powerful name of Jesus, the Holy Spirit and angelic beings at our disposal, and the devil comes up to us and threatens us by saying, “You’ll never make it. You’ll always be a failure. I’m gonna take everything you’ve got.î” And we drop all our weapons and act like heaven doesn’t exist, like the name of Jesus is no more powerful than any other name, and we run away. Why? Because we are afraid. We accept his lies as truth and believe what he says, instead of what God says.


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