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After Trying For 37 Years A Couple Is Finally Blessed With A Baby Boy, There Is Hope

According to a review, the current and medieval records show the average age of menopause has remained relatively constant at 50 years.

Once menopause hits, giving birth is something to forget about.

African culture terms a marriage complete only when children are present. Many marriages break because one can not give the other children and mostly it is because of family pressure.

One Son of Babalobi tweeted a congratulatory message to his uncle and auntie for having their first child after trying for 37 years.

His uncle who is 64 and aunty who is 62 years old were blessed with a baby boy. No, they did not adopt a child, the 62-year-old lady gave birth.

The Nigerian family could hold their excitement even the nephew who posted on social media asking everyone else to join them in celebrating a miracle.


Kambua also threw a hint to her hater who keeps asking her toher whenn she is giving her man a baby. She has said over and over again that one does not know what goes on behind closed so do not just assume and blame her for not having a child by now.


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