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Akothee Was Once A Gospel Musician

Did you know controversial singer Akothee was once a gospel singer?

Well, the mother of five has revealed that she was a churchgoer and for the matter the choir soloist back then before fame.

Akothee has disclosed that she quit gospel for secular music after she found out that Christians or rather churchgoers were hypocritical and judgemental.

In a lengthy post she shared on social media, Akothee remembers how she lost friends after she divorced her first husband, father of her three daughters.

The Oyoyo singer says it got to an extent where preachers used her family status as an example to preach during sermons. Akothee was responding to critics, who called her out saying she doesn’t go to church and was a bad influence to the youth.
“Don’t you know that I was the best soloist in my church! Do you know that the church choir would feel empty in my absence? and the day I miss church everyone would know that mama Vesha was not in church today! Do you know why I stopped gospel and went secular? It’s because I could not keep up with the hypocrisy, the moment I got divorced, the entire church members I knew, family friends etc, turned their back on me, none of them or their wives wanted to associate with me!”


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