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How Al-Shabab Chopped Off Fingers Of Christians In Mandera Attacks

Horrific details of the al-Shabaab attack in Mandera have been revealed. The militants mercilessly attacked six Christians before security forces fought them off. Six non-locals were killed in the early morning attack on Thursday, October 6.


A witness of the al-Shabaab attack in Mandera that occurred early Thursday, October 6 has shared horrific details about the attack.

The teacher who lives next to the residential plot at Bulla public works said the merciless militants gunned the six before chopping off their heads.

“Six non-locals living at the plot, were gunned down mercilessly and their heads chopped off and smashed by grenades,” he was quoted by The Star.


Police officers stand next to dead bodies after the attack in Mandera by al-Shabaab

The witness said the experience was traumatising and that he is psychologically bullied.

Al-Shabaab militants took credit for the attack which occurred at about 2:00am in a residential plot housing 33 people who are non-locals.

“We are behind the Mandera attack in which we killed six Christians,” military operations spokesman Sheikh Abdiasis Musab told Reuters.


Mombasa Governor Ali Roba, condemned the incident saying the security officers responded fast, saving lives of many others.

The attack occurred just hours after AMISOM soldiers killed 14 al-Shabaab militants in Somalia.

source : Tuko news


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