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Bahati And “Prayer Partner” Diana Marua Wedding Date Is Set

P: We understand your relationship with former video vixen Diana Marua, who now works for your stable, is getting to a new level. Are we about to hear wedding bells?

Bahati: True. You will hear wedding bells (laughs).

P: Get serious. This is not another showbiz prank, right?

B: I am serious. You can call her and hear from her too. The wedding plans are at an advanced stage. You are about to get your invite.

P: Congratulations to the two of you. Can you give us timelines?

B: The wedding is going to take place in August. We will be going to Bondo where Diana’s family comes from to do the traditional ceremony.

We have already done the informal introduction to both our families and that is why I am saying this is no longer just between Diana and me but also our entire families.

P: This started out as an Instagram joke. How did you get here?

B: God works in mysterious ways. I recall coming home late one night, tired and going into my Instagram where I found this beautiful lady who had liked six of my photos.

It didn’t hit me at all but that looked unusual so I liked four of her photos.

One month later, my team and I were looking for a video vixen for the wedding song and that is when I recalled the image of the girl on Instagram Diana. That is how we got to meet.

Bahati and his fiancee Diana Marua

P: So your first meeting was while discussing the wedding video?

B: Strange enough that is the truth. She was a video vixen coming to act the role of a lover. From the onset, everything looked so natural and the script was falling in place.

I knew I was out for a perfect video.

P: Interesting…

B: The day before the shoot, we went to fit a wedding dress for her and that is when I started feeling the connection.

Honestly, that night she kept texting me telling me that the next day was our wedding day. I was equally excited and the feeling was truly mutual.

P: Did you tell her what you felt about her then?

B: Well, not really. She wasn’t saved then and I didn’t know if she was dating. After that, we got close and I started getting her into salvation, by the way she is born again now.

We would go for lunch and dinner dates and so one thing led to another.

P: Is that how she became this ‘prayer partner”?

B: That is the story I have never shared. One day I was going to Katoloni prayer centre for an overnight worship and I teased her to come with me. She agreed.

That was the turning point. To cut the long story short, we later went back to Katoloni to seek God’s direction and that is when we discovered that we were made to be.

We have been working on our relationship since.


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