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The Beautiful Daughter To Robert Burale, It’s Not Easy To Raise A Child

Celebrated celebrity pastor and stylist Robert Burale is a single father.

The Citizen TV fashion panelist who is known for his hank looks and love for fashion is a great dad. He is not a deadbeat father.

He is a good father to his daughter Lexie Burale.

Pastor Burale's daugther

Burale who is also an emcee, image consultant, motivational speaker, actor, PR & marketing strategist and the CEO of The RB (Readily Bold) Company, divorced his wife a while back after what he termed as miscommunication.

“My marriage broke down after exactly one year and two days,” he says. “I felt like a failure, a worthless man. Looking back today, there are things I could have done better,” Burale told the media, sometimes back after his marriage hit the rocks.

Well, this has not deterred the handsome pastor from being a good father and he has played a great role in his daughter’s upbringing.

“27 TH APRIL 2005 at exactly 10:06 am I was in the delivery room with the doctor as you came to this world and had the privilege of seeing you as you popped out. For months while in your mothers womb I would sing(my bad voice )and talk to you. The bond started way back. I thank God for allowing me to see you grow day by day. Today you celebrate turning 12 years.

A God fearing girl you are. A hardworking girl in school and you love the microphone too (I wonder where this came from ????)I am privileged to be your dad. from the tiny being in the delivery room. I remember cutting the umbilical chord to now the young pretty girl who loves the mirror (I think u need to reduce your time spent in the mirror????????)….. Every time you come to my house you rush to my room to put everything in order (long may this continue ????????????). Your famous words to me when I am annoyed “dad stop CMFiiiiing (catching ma feelings). Nkt. I am too old for this ????????…LEXIE BURALE…HAPPY BIRTHDAY,” Burale posted this on his daughter’s 12th birthday.

The loving and caring father went ahead to reveal that raising a child is not easy and it takes the support of both parents. Burale also praised his ex-wife for playing a great role in their daughter’s life.

“To all who wished my daughter happy birthday..I would like to thank you on her behalf. Many kept asking how comes I have not acknowledged Lexie’s mum (????? he he munapenda udaku)..

But allow me to say that Lexie is privileged to have a great mother who has also taught her great values especially on hard work and many more. Yes co parenting in very possible. When it comes to raising children both parents even if not together should work as a team to give the best to their children. May this be your testimony,” Burale posted.

Below are photos which prove that pastor Burale is besotted with his daughter


Pastor Burale


Pastor Burale


Pastor Burale


Pastor Burale


Pastor Burale


Pastor Burale


Pastor Burale


Pastor Burale


Pastor Burale


Pastor Burale


Pastor Burale



Pastor Burale



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