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Bro Ochollas Moment In Another Church Chat Group As A Sister Posted This Whatsapp Message To The Wrong Group

Y’all remember Bro Ocholla right? The man who became an instant sensation after his sensual message on a prayer group surfaced on the interwebs.

He was thoroughly embarrassed with this message exposing the kind of hypocrisy being exhibited in our churches. At the end of the day, all human being yearn for 3 things; good food, sleep and a whole lot of sex. This however is my opinion so just take it on a light note.

Sister Jacinta on the other hand has thrown a yet another spanner in the works adding yet another want into the mix and that is money. Just like Bro Ocholla, she accidentally sent a wrong message to her Novena group asking her fellow members to do the unthinkable for a meager 5K.

“Looking for 5 guys who are comfortable having live sex in front of a couple, payment is 5 K. It’s more of a house party. Interested parties should inbox this number….. latest 9AM” was her message which I’m pretty sure was the worst mistake she will make this year.

Here, have a look:


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