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What do you do when church services do not feed your spirit

Church services can't fully nourish your spirit, only God can. There are some traditional churches that sing hymns, enjoy modest or...
Priscilla Shirer - War Room

“War Room” Actress, Priscilla Shirer Opens Up About Her Personal Prayer Life

Author, actor and speaker Priscilla Shirer opens up about her personal prayer life, obstacles to healthy communication with God and...
Discipleship Bible Study

Growing your faith: 10 Bible verses on the importance of discipleship

To be a disciple is to be a follower of Jesus; choosing to live by God's standards instead of the...

You Become How You Worship

Worship is so powerful that we not only take on the image of what worship, but we also take on...
What Happened to Me the Day I Forgave My Father

What Happened to Me the Day I Forgave My Father

Annie never thought she'd be able to forgive her father for the terrible things he had done. But then someone...

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