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Catherine Mwangi Of KTN On Dating, Friendship And Godliness

I mean…(long pause)…gosh. I have to think really hard. But I think, again, just in terms of being a news anchor, perhaps Michael Oyier.

I didn’t get to work with him, but in my mind, he came across as professional. He looked like someone who would come, do his job, and leave.

He didn’t look like he had drama, but that’s just in my mind. I could be wrong.

Do you,  after getting a tough story done, unwind with your colleagues?

I do.

And you never feel the pressure to drink, not even with them?

(Laughs) You know, that’s a very valid question.

My not drinking has created a few obstacles a number of times, where the team and I go out after successfully completing a project, and we have to weigh the options.

They want to party hard, and I just want a quiet meal and a good conversation. We often eventually agree to dine, I take the bill and then I let them enjoy themselves.

Do you feel like you are missing out on “the good times?”

Not at all. I’ve had too many good times. In this industry, you can easily get everything you want.

I’ve had flowers dropped at the office, received random calls from CEOs, been treated for lunch at The Norfolk, dinner in Karen, taken trips out of town.

Oh, I did it all, especially in my 30s.  I had more fun than I ever did in my 20s. The challenge is in knowing how to stay grounded.

How does one stay grounded?

For me, it was God.

My relationship with God is extremely unshakeable.

What are your professional relationships like?

They are okay. We get the work done. We are not there to make friends. We are there to work. And establishing those boundaries is essential.

Can your colleagues become your friends?

No, if we work together, you are my colleague. You are not my friend. People judge me a lot on this, they say I’m too rigid.


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