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Catherine Mwangi Of KTN On Dating, Friendship And Godliness

Do you think you’ve finally come into yourself?

No, I don’t think I have. I don’t think anyone ever comes into themselves. You think you’re so solid one day, and then something happens the next and you begin figuring things out anew. I don’t think anyone ever does.

What lessons have your romantic and platonic relationships taught you?

That everyone wants to be loved. And sometimes it just doesn’t work out, for many reasons. Move on, get over it, and don’t build a tent on it. Don’t build a castle on pain. Those people were looking for something too.

What advice would you give to young people hoping to get into the media?

Get ready. Every day is different. And now, more than ever, things are changing. Learn, read, evolve. Know why you are getting into it. Have an exact reason, so that when you get in, you don’t succumb to the temptation of brown envelopes, embellishing stories and the fast life. Also, when you stop enjoying the job, get out.

And what advice would you have, for a current 26 year old?

Relax. You will go places.  You will travel the world. You will have relationships. You will start businesses. You will get jobs.

You will make money. All these things you are dying to have, you will have them. Relax.

How did you find the interview?

(Shakes head) I’m not sure about this entire conversation. It was very easy to get lost in it. I’m worried.

I’m worried that I really enjoyed it, so much so that I may have told you too much (laughs). But I will leave it in your capable hands.

Any last words?

(Lets out a huge sigh of relief) I’m so happy to be alive today. I’m so thankful to God. Every day is like an adventure. It’s an opportunity to impact someone, in some way. It’s not all about me.

Update: immediately this story was published today, like with every other guest, I called Catherine to let her know the story was up.

She couldn’t stop laughing. And couldn’t tell me why. And then, just as I was  about to hang up, I remembered.

During the interview, Catherine mentioned that she is a Libra. I asked her if her birthday this year had already passed, and she laughed even louder. A warm, boisterous, hearty laughter.

She turns 39 today.

Oh, Catherine, I hope this mini-summarised-biography adds to your joy today. Happy Birthday!





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