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Cece Sagini On Why I Decided To Ditch Secular To Serve God Through Music

Cess says she was bound to get save in one way or another. She explains that it didn’t matter whether she was doing well as a secular musician, salvation for her was a must.

“It was a long time coming. I have always been convicted to do it this way. I maintained the status quo because it was working for me at that point in my career.

“However, I got to a point where it didn’t matter anymore if it worked or not. I had to follow my heart. Although my previous stuff was not vulgar it was not gospel; it was positive music but not intentionally directed towards God and the purpose He has for my life. I have always been saved but I was beginning to feel like I was sitting on the fence, that is why I have made the shift. Even the Bible says that the Lord hates lukewarm believers; if you are not hot or cold he will spit you out,” Cece Sagini said.

I can’t base my life on pubic opinion

Cece Sagini

Cece Sagini says she’s not worried about what people or will say about her salvation. The songbird explains that she got saved so that she could sing for the Lord, she reiterates that she’s not after money or fame.

“Everyone has a story and I try not to judge because we don’t have the full story because we just look at people from the outside. There is a certain expectation that is placed on gospel artistes but you can’t base your life on public opinion.

“For me, it’s a personal decision to serve God with the gift he has given me. I will try to be the best example but I am not here to judge others or point fingers. Some people have a perception that gospel music has more money but for me, it doesn’t really matter, I’m not here for fortune or fame, just to praise His name. The music industry is very unpredictable, you really can’t tell how people will react to change, but if you know the why behind your what, then that’s all that matters.”


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