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How a Church Hurt Helps You See God Better

I’ve been browsing through various Christian websites and I discovered that there are a lot of people openly admitting and sharing their church hurts. If there are many people admitting their hurts over the internet, there could be more who are not talking about it online. Just imagine the number when you combine both!

A Church Hurt

I’m pretty sure you’ve experienced a hurt sometime in your life, not necessarily in the church. Someone hurt you in school, in the office, while on the job, even at home. Hurts normally happen, and it’s wise to understand that they are a part of life while we’re here on earth. The Lord Jesus Christ Himself said,

“It is impossible that no offences should come, but woe to him through whom they do come!” (see Luke 17:1 NKJV)

For some of us, that hurt will come from the church. It could be from a pastor, from a leader, or from another member. The truth is that people inside the church are still people, and the Bible gives us clear examples about that:

• In Acts 15, we read the Jewish believers requiring Gentile believers to follow their customs. This gives us the idea of some people in the church requiring others to “fit in” with them to be accepted.

• In Acts 6:1, we read of other members in the church being overlooked because they were Greek and not Jews. This gives us the idea of discrimination.

• In Acts 9:26-27, we read how Paul (then Saul) was not accepted into the church because of his brutal history, but Barnabas spoke up for his acceptance. By this we see that not all Christians are welcoming.

Have you been hurt in your church? I pray that you won’t give up on it simply because just like any family, all church members are imperfect and can hurt you any time. Let me encourage you: God loves you more than you know.

How a Church Hurt Helps You See God

At one time God told Paul,

“My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” (see 2 Corinthians 12:9 MEV)

Although Paul was talking about his personal weaknesses in context, what’s amazing there is the fact that God said His strength is “made perfect” in our times of weaknesses. In other words, when we are powerless to do something or are unable to succeed in something, His power is more visible – and more personally experienced – for us.

• When we see the imperfections in our brothers and sisters in church, we begin to realise how much God loves all of us. We’re imperfect, yet Christ died for us.

• When we experience being betrayed, neglected, unappreciated or feel unwanted in our church, we will realise how much Christ loved us. He went through all of the betrayal, neglect, ridicule, and rejection for us so that we could be made whole in Him.

• When we get hurt in church, we can’t stop but think of how much Christ suffered for all of us. He was rejected by His own, and His own nailed Him to the cross.

Think about it, my friend. Your church hurt will help you see how much God loves you. He’s called you as His own. He really loves you.


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