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Churchill Appreciates God As He Celebrates His Birthday

Daniel Ndambuki, popularly known as Churchill, Is a Godly man and has finally hit 40. They say ‘Life Starts at 40’.

The king of comedy has taken the Kenyan laugh industry by storm acknowledging God often in his work and has managed to give a platform to hundreds of young Kenyans.

Yesterday, as he celebrates four decades, the comedian says he is grateful to God for the priceless gift.

“Being alive and healthy today is because God loves me.
I’m not the richest nor a supreme leader but I have Good Health, Happiness, Grace and Favour.
I am grateful for these priceless gifts.”

Eric Omondi, one of the people that got recognized from Churchill Show, wrote a message telling him how he carried him on his shoulders and showed him the future.

“This is literally what you did🙏 You carried me on your shoulders and showed me the future… You discovered me…Taught me everything I know today… You are a True Brother… May God continue to shine His face upon you🙏🙏🙏 May you never lack in anything. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABA @mwalimchurchill.”

To many more years and from Msanii, its a happy Birthday to you Dan.


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