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Climbing The Correct Way: A Young Christian Man Battling Masturbation

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He knew he wasn’t supposed to be watching it, but he’s eyes were glued to the screen. Those dirty little scenes were suddenly very interesting. Next day, he’d watch them from the comfort of his phone. Earphones in his ear.Taking it all in. Next day, he decided to put to action what he saw. He decided to experiment. Days down the line, it was official. Masturbation was his latest addiction. He increased the number of video clips on his phone, and did it exactly the way he saw it.


First it was once a week. Then like the disease that it is, it took root in his veins, sucking the life out of him one day at a time for three years. During these three years though, Cyro was still that guy who would advise people to get born again. He wasn’t a bad guy. He knew what it is to be saved, and he had already made the decision to have Jesus Christ as his personal savior. So why was he struggling so much with masturbation? These things aren’t supposed to happen to Christians, ARE THEY?

Well, Cyro was definitely aware of the hole he had dug himself into, and he tried getting out of it. This time he downloaded tutorials on how to deal with his sickness.

He sought people’s advice. He tried. He really tried. But it wasn’t working. He couldn’t climb out of that hole no matter how much he pulled and pushed. He called out to anyone who passed by to just help him out of his mess, but at the end of the day he was all alone at the bottom of the pit.

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The beginning of the healing was at KKrew’s Bible Study sessions dubbed ‘The School Of Supernatural’ where the Pastor asked the congregation to write down what It is they would like God to do for them. Quickly and without second guesses, Cyro wrote only one word on his piece of paper. ‘MASTURBATION’.He went home that night, still masturbated and went to sleep.

Through the entire week, the paper remained in his Bible, in his bag. Still there was no change and he nearly gave up. On his way to the Kkrew small group Bible Study, his phone got stolen. The fact that he couldn’t watch the video clips anymore, didn’t stop him from doing his thing.

On Friday of the same week that his phone was stolen, KKrew was holding a kesha and on this specific day the Pastor was praying against sexual addictions.He took the courage to go infront and have Pastor pray for him. That’s the moment he climbed out of the hole.

On Saturday, he didn’t do it.

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On Sunday, he took out the paper from his Bible and took a good look at the word MASTURBATION, doubting himself that maybe a proper stare at the word would cause a relapse into his habit.

On Monday, he woke up, grabbed his Bible, took out the piece of paper and tore it. The kesha marked the end of his sickness. He was healed of his disease. He was free from his addiction.

See the thing is, as a Christian, there are holes we will fall into.

Deep, dark, lonely holes that we will fall into. Holes that we think we are immune to. We end up tripping into these holes when we let our guard down. When we entertain thoughts and situations that are likely to make us stumble.

Still, the only way we are able to get out of these deep dark tormenting situations, is not on our own strength. Andy tried so hard to get out by seeking help from the internet and friends. But all of it was in vain, until he came back to God. Until he prayed about his situation.

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