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This Is The County Where Preachers Have To Pay Tax Before They Minister

There is a neighbourhood where pastors have to pay to be allowed to preach. If they don’t they will be chased out of the area and warned not to set foot there, ever again.

This is a true story.

Apparently, preachers and men of the cloth in Taita Taveta county will be forced to pay between Ksh 5,000 and Ksh 10,000, if they so wish to spread the word of the good Lord in the area.

Tax lazima. The county gava there is are not playing with anyone.

Best put some respeck to their name.

Yaani, it is serious business mpaka, the pastors in the area have been told not to try and bring pastors from outside the country to kuja for those crusades, especially if they are not ready to pay up.

But the pastors are not taking the new law lying down. They have sworn to take their complaints to the highest office in the land to fight it. Their biggest complaint is that they were not involved when the law was being crafted and enacted.

The chairman of the Interfaith group in the county of Taita Taveta, David Nzowe said,

“I don’t see why a preacher should pay if they come to the county. How is a preacher coming to my church the business of the county government? Because a church is not a business. I don’t see why we should be charged a tax. Government doesn’t tax the church so i wonder, how the county government is just going to tax us.”

Have a listen at David’s angry take on the new taxation law by the county.



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