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Daddy Owen Accused Of Stealing His Latest Song

Singer Daddy Owen has responded to allegations that he stole his new gospel song from a South African musician.The singer claims the song has been there and is available for anyone to sample.

Kenyans are accusing gospel singer Daddy Owen of stealing his brand new song Wewe ni Mungu from a South African musician.


Singer Daddy and Rigan Sarkozi(behind) who has been featured in Wewe ndio Mungu.Photo: Facebook/Daddy Owen

Owen on the hand wants Kenyans to replace stealing with sampling.

“No one can claim the right of the song that originated from DRC  and has since been sung in South Africa, Zambia  just to mention a few countries,” Daddy Owen told SDE.

“Besides I never claimed to own the song and that is why I clearly stated that the song is a rendition-in Swahili version.”

A diaspora fan raised the red flag on social media upon noticing that Owen’s song had some similarities to Kgotso Messiah, a song by a South African musician.


Daddy Owen added that people should first acquaint themselves with facts before criticising or accusing him.

“The fact that the songs may have some similarity in beats or even chorus doesn’t mean that I have copied anyone’s song,” he told SDE.


His song, Vanity, which was written by Pitson has continued to enjoy massive airplay since its release in early 2015.


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