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Dennis Okari Continues To Share The Living Word And The Grace Of An Amazing God

Interrupting our light bulb moment, he asked another question, “What are the sources of news?” hands shot up with varying answers. However, our sober and innocent minds got corrupted by his answer. He said the best place to source for news was in a bar or a brothel.

I thought he was a pervert, but years later, I think his statement can be vindicated by the story of what one woman did to save herself and her family. She lived as a prostitute and became a news source during the first great conquest recorded in history.

Rahab, a young Canaanite harlot ran a tavern that was located on the wall of the city of Jericho. The address to her house was so convenient for people to walk in and leave the city.

Being the lowest city in the world also meant the hot desert climate forced her to dress minimaly. Rahab took advantage of the weather. She accentuated her body which had become her tool of trade with a hot weather wardrobe that attracted politicians, security officers, merchants and traders. 

Jericho was deep into idol worship. The pagan city played host to the vilest and most wretched ways of men.

But behind the walls of Rahab’s harlotry escapades was a class in session.

40,000 strong men across the border were learning the art of war from their young commander. Joshua, a protégé of Moses, was well trained in the art of intelligence gathering.
He knew a good military strategy must first seek information on its target and he chose two men to become his spies in Jericho before they attacked.


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