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And This Is Dj Kwenye Beats Girlfriend

Just at the right time, Dk Kwenye beat seems to have introduced his bae to the world. This month has seen drama from various gospel artistes introducing their significant other or what some term as Prayer partners.

Recently, this gospel artiste sent a heartfelt message to this lass and without a doubt Dk is head over heels in love with her. The Asusu hit maker, who has been silent for a long time, now shocked many after he made a big comeback, revealing his new accent to shocked fans.


In an interview with a local Tv show, the Sari Sari hit-maker left tongues wagging after his noticeable american accent with many citing that he was faking it. The lad would go ahead to brag and show off his expensive grills, eliciting even more criticism from fans.


Just before his comeback with the song Baba Yao featuring Masterpiece , DK Kwenye Beat, real name David Kilonzo,  also shaved off his famous dreadlocks leaving many wondering what was going on. With many celebrities putting their A game on, it seems Dk is trying to keep his game high not only in music but also in the kind of fashion the lad now rocks. But the accent though! It’s a no no!

Here is DK’s bae;

dk girl-1

Check out his new track;



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