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Dj Oxygen Breaths Life To Fellow Inmate Awaiting Gods To Intervention In His Situation

Looks like you have really perfected the art of deejaying…

Yes. When I came here, I realised there were no DJs. I chose music to keep my mind sane. It was a stress-reliever.  I was inspired by the famous band UB40, who started their music journey in prison.

Further, I read books and watched TV to learn how to perfect the art. I approached the person in charge of social welfare and pitched my idea and after a couple of months, they agreed to support me.

I gave a friend of mine a call and told him that I wanted to become a deejay. Together with my family, they raised Sh90,000 and bought the equipment. It has been an amazing journey.

You host a gospel show, Kugosha, on Utugi TV. That must be big, right?

Yes. Every Sunday, from 8-9am, I host a small show recorded from prison. It has made me so famous and my fan base is growing.

Most of my fans are women who love me. I have received several marriage proposals from them!

Do you have mentors?

DJ Joe Mfalme is one person I hold in high esteem. I love his work. I watched him Deejaying and borrowed a few tricks. I would love to work with him.

Which genre do you love to play?

I love Bongo, soul and gospel music. However, I play songs that my audience demand.

Which is your most memorable performance?

Perfuming at the recently concluded ASK Nairobi show. My fans were happy to meet me. We really interacted and I felt like a ‘real’ celeb!

What advice would you give young people who are in crime?

If you are in bad company, please leave that circle because that will be your downfall. If I was not in a bad company, I wouldn’t be in prison today.  Time wasted cannot be recovered.


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