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Drama In Church As Woman Gives Stolen Chicken As An Offertory

A woman stole a chicken and gave it to church as an offering. The woman who decided to give a stolen chicken as an offertory was caught on the alter by the owner.

She is alleged to have stolen her neighbors chicken from his compound and took it to church. The leaders of the church had to intervene and raise enough money worthy of the chicken and pay the owner.

The church congregants and leaders in Katikaara, Uganda were left in shock after they discovered the woman had offered a stolen chicken at the alter.

Her neighbor Lutaalo, was immersed in sermon was shocked to see what looked like his lost chicken being offered as sacrifice by his neighbor. Lutaalo had visited the service being conducted by the visiting reverend when he saw his chicken being offered.

On closer inspection an incensed Lutaalo recognised the chicken was his and pounced the woman. ‘‘This is my hen; I know you are my neighbour but why did you steal my hen and bring it here in church?’’ Lutaalo asked the woman.
This disrupted the service and as worshipers milled around the two to witness the commotion.The church members had to intervene separate when the confrontation turned physical.
The visiting reverend had to chip in to calm the storm and ask what had happened outside the church.
The woman later surrendered the chicken to Lutaalo. She was also fined by the elders for the disgraceful and embarrassing act. The woman confessed her sins and pleaded for forgiveness before the church elders.


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