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Eunice Njeris Ex Husband Izzo, Releases A New Song Titled “I’m Not Ashamed”

That is when he wrote the song SUNDAY CHRISTIAN which was his first single to blow in the gospel circle and opened even greater doors as far as his music career is concerned.
Being his first hit, it helped put Izzo on the map and introduced him to other urban gospel artists giants that he decided to do a remix for it. And little did he know, he started making headlines in not just the gospel circle, but also the secular circle since the SUNDAY CHRISTIAN REMIX hit started blowing chart after chart and brought tremendous success in his music.

Talk of concerts, interviews, stories, etc. To make it even more significant, he designed t-shirts with the songs name plus his name on it in 2010.


Some more songs done by Izzo include You see me featuring Young Noah, Nikujue featuring Benachi, Iko Nini featuring Brenton Dowdy, Just begun, Tonight, Born Child, Press On featuring Holy Dave, One Two Three featuring M.A Double among others.

He recently took to his social media account, talking about his new song.

“Hey friends, so here’s my new single “Not ashamed” ft. Zangi just reminding us to be authentic and bold about our faith for just as the scriptures says faith only comes by hearing and by the hearing of the word of God. Be blessed as you share it with a friend.”



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