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Why Every Christian Should Take Time at the End of the Year to Review 2016

As a student, I had the habit of turning in test papers without reviewing my answers. As a result, I would often miss out a few questions or answer them incorrectly due to carelessness. Whenever I would get my results back and miss a point just because I calculated 1+1=1, it would eat me up on the inside.

Just like test papers, our years must be reviewed before we officially “turn them in.” It allows us to do a couple things right before we finally move into the new year. Before 2016 finally ends, have you taken time (maybe an hour or even less) to officially review your year’s calendar and look at all the things that have happened? If not, I’d like to give you three reasons why you should do that just right before 2017 comes around.

1. To Remember God’s Faithfulness

One of the things I love doing is going through my goals for the year and see how God has been faithful to see those goals come to pass. Reviewing our years helps build our faith as we will see how faithful God was to provide and sustain us throughout.

Psalm 77:11says, “I will remember the deeds of the LORD; yes, I will remember your wonders of old.”

Remembering and commemorating are great ways to be edified and motivated by this year’s accomplishments so that we can start even stronger and end stronger next year.

2. To Know What Things We Can Improve for Next Year

Reviewing this year’s goals and accomplishments also gives us a good feel of areas where we can improve on in the new year. If you know that you were able to grow your income by 50 percent this year, you can be sure you have the capacity to grow it another 50 or even more next year. If you know that you could run a half-marathon this year, next year you can be confident to do two more.

There is always room for improvement, but improvement calls for us to look into the areas of our life we want to improve and create strategies that will ensure that we can grow in those areas.

3. To Set New Goals

On top of improving in certain areas next year, we can also start new goals if we are able to review this year. Let’s say after reviewing 2016, you make the observation that Saturday mornings are usually dead times for you. You can make the decision to dedicate that time for a new goal such as volunteering for a church ministry or using that time to think of a side business for more income.

Reviewing does more than just look back. It allows us to look forward with more clarity. Have you made time to review your 2016? You will find yourself more productive and more accomplished this time next year if you make the decision to do so.


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