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Fans Are Fed Up With Willy Paul And Have Moved On. Willy Possessed!!! Thay say

Mimi nikasema tumeoana na Alaine… Mimi…..?” That might be the statement Willy Paul, one of Kenya’s king of scandals will be saying very soon.

Let me start by saying that your latest publicity stunt was an epic fail after fans went h.a.m on you for alleging that you have married a woman 14 years older than you are. We all understand Willy Paul and Alaine are not a couple, not in love not to mention marriage. The two were just doing a music video for a wedding song but it seems the stunt that came with all this is now tasteless and fans have moved on to other catchy things.

Willy Paul and Alain

So why have fans moved on from his stunt? Well, it seems the stunt has lasted too long and lost its worth, I mean it has become stale not to mention the lying part that comes with it. Now that you call yourself a “gospel” artiste, it means you are well conversant with the Bible, so what does the Bible talk about lying?

“Truth stands the test of time; lies are soon exposed. Proverbs 12:19″

And it Continues

The LORD hates cheating, but he delights in honesty. Proverbs 11:1″

Maybe next time, Pozzee, you should try making a short term stunt before releasing your songs. And before I forget, don’t copy anyone’s stunts, that’s just like recycling them. Be creative, engage fans,write more secular songs and  pull the stunt. Maybe that could help you in your next project. Don’t say you were not helped bruh!