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Fans Rant At Willy Paul And Call Him ‘Willy Paul Mchafu’ After Signing To Secular Label

Ben Githae sang, “Ulianza na roho unamalizia na mwili kwa nini?”

Willy Paul has added kerosene to fire after he posted a picture of himself and Diamond Platnumz at his offices in Tanzania. Fans are not yet aware why Pozze was there but have instead gone ahead to attack the Tiga Wana hit maker, alleging that he is upto something with the secular artiste.

Making music with a secular artiste is not new to Pozze, he has already done it before, not once but twice.

After Diamond rejected his offer to do a collabo with him, the Fanya hit maker went ahead to copy all he would, to be Kenya’s Diamond. I mean, after all Baba Tiffah is his mentor.

Pozze even wants to lie to fans that he is married to a woman older than him just like his mentor. Anyway, lets not judge him, at least not today!


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