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Gladys Kamande Is Back With Basket Full Of Miracles From God see the pics

Have you been in a place of yourself? Not a ggod place though, a place of rejection, self despair because you have no hope, unconsolable because the present situation is so tense and there is no signs things are changing soon?

This was the situation that faced Gladys Kamande some years ago. After she miscarried seven times and dumped by husband and to make things more worse she beaten by her husband until lungs collapsed. there was no hope for her.

She caused a stir in social media after a street boy saw her condition. she was in place where by she had to move around with oxygen cylinder for she couldn’t breath on her own.


She didn’t have even money for the much needed operation to rectify the problem. But there is God in heaven who hears is in secret answers in open.

After the street boy incident , members of public were touched and came to her rescue and enough money was raised which has made it possible for her to travel to India and she is back with a bucket of miracles. because God of miracles still does miracles. Here are pics and prove miracles happen


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