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God Is a Way Maker

I remember a time when I was unemployed. It seemed as though everyday that passed, I was sinking lower and lower in a whole that I could not see my way out of.

I remember looking at what would be my the last deposit in my bank account from my unemployment benefits. I had utilized all my available extensions and I was beginning to worry how I would manage my household without any income.

A year of going on job interviews resulted in nothing. (or so I thought.)

A couple of days after that deposit, I received an email from one of the employers I had interviewed with a few months prior. In the email, he asked me if I was still looking for work and if so, if I was still interested in the position I had previously interviewed for.

I could not hold back the tears as I read that email. At that moment, I wasn’t sure of the circumstances that lead this man to email me months after he had rejected me, but I was sure of one thing; GOD IS A WAY MAKER AND A MIRACLE WORKER!

I just remember feeling like I had failed God with my lack of faith at times. It was as if He was saying to me, “I got you! I had this situation under control the entire time, but you still chose to worry.”


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