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God Isn’t Fair… But You Should Still Trust Him

end grace to the likes of serial killers and rapists. But the truth is, He is love to the oppressor and the oppressed, the victim and the perpetrator. He is grace and truth, and we must accept the all-encompassing nature of His astounding capacity to love everyone, or walk away from understanding Him at all. And yet, at the same time, the desire for justice was not born first in my heart or yours. It was born in His. There will come an awful day, when justice will be served to all the unrepentant. Until then, it is His kindness that woos us to repentance. It is mercy, not indifference, that stays His hand of judgment.

4. I Don’t Know Best, and Neither Do You

Only God does. Ours is a good God. We can trust Him to do the right thing, and we must do the same. Looking around at this terribly twisted, unfair world should knock us to our knees in horror. We should fight for the underdog, and comfort those who mourn, and feed those who are hungry, and YES, be the hands and feet of Jesus until He comes again. It matters to us because it matters to Him, and it breaks our heart because it first broke His.

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No, God is NOT fair. He is good.

May we, as His children, be the same.


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