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This Are The Gospel Musicians Ashaming God By Borrowing Money And Never Paying. Bible Says Let Your Yes Be Yes , Your No Be No

“On February 6, 2014, Didi alinicall kuomba 60k alipe J Blessing arrears za video Yao ya Didimia alafu he said atalipa 6th march 2014. We were not close of friends so instead of loaning him 60k, I offered to loan 15,000ksh. Nilimjua Didi through his brother.
In Dec 2013 I had asked didi to help me with contacts to a video producer who would do videos for an artist I was helping (off YouTube) from Kibera slums to help start her career in gospel.
So, that is how I met him in Dec 2013 and the reason I offered to loan him this money. I also asked him to pay Up In April instead of March as he suggested ndio apate time enough to at least get his things together. In April I was planning to use this money on the Kibera lady I was helping to start her career,” Kifaru wrote.

Kifaru continues saying;

“2017 February now and Didi has not paid up. He has never bothered to even call at one point in the three years unless I call him. To add, his reasons as to why he hasn’t paid change every time because he is obviously lying.”

Jimmy Gait

Now, this is where all the drama lies. Soon after bragging of his new endorsement with a popular hotel in town, a service provider came out to say that Jimmy Gait had not paid for a job since 2015. Muhadhara imemshika!

“Hello, kindly help me expose a con gospel artist Jimmy Gait. I did an online marketing campaign for him in August 2015 on a local website, he was marketing a project where he was giving out motorcycles to his fans as a way of giving back to the society. The promotion was for one month and to date he hasn’t paid 20K of which we had agreed for the entire month campaign. Till to date he doesn’t pick up my calls or reply to texts with all sorts of excuses.”



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