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This Are The Gospel Musicians Ashaming God By Borrowing Money And Never Paying. Bible Says Let Your Yes Be Yes , Your No Be No

Ringtone was accused of not honouring his promise of paying Ksh 200,000 a month for his house in Karen. News then came out that Ringtone was kicked out of his posh house. Alitenda wema, akaenda zake!

“Numerous requests by our client through his agent have been made for you to honour our obligations under the agreement in the last several weeks in vain and to date. You have not given any concrete proposals on how you intend to pay the said arrears and regularize the default” the letter reads in part.

L Jay Maasai

Forget his beef with fellow singer Bahati, L Jay Maasai is one guy who was accused of failing to keep him promises, and as is their nature, he denied the allegations stating;

“I am aware and with evidence that certain people including bloggers and writers have been paid to do anything to tarnish my name along with Willy Paul’s name. They will rest at no cost and will go to extents of forging information nd paying people to create false evidence against me.
That is why you will receive a new story and allegation each week for the next 2 months.. I even know there plan lay out.It is well… I will not fight back my battles will be fought by God Himself, He will reveal Himself. He that Got me this Far.My god is not worth any currency.”

Mr Seed

The singer who discovered, gospel powerhouse, Bahati, is being accused of borrowing money from a friend and refusing to pay. According to the guy who’s called Benson, Mr.Seed apparently borrowed Ksh35,000 last year August and promised to pay after 60 days.  It is said that they even had an agreement in front of a lawyer and other witnesses.


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