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The Holy Spirit Leads Us Through the Valley of Circumstances

“The art of leadership is a relative constant; only the circumstances change over time.” —Adrienne M. Harrison, A Powerful Mind: The Self-Education of George Washington
Many leaders are effective through several seasons of calm and predictability. A few stumbles may occur along the way, but the overall effectiveness of the leader is at least moderate.

But circumstances change. Vibrations turn into earthquakes and the leader is challenged in new and threatening ways. If it is true that character is tested in fire, then perhaps leadership is validated in the midst of change.
Effective leaders prepare their teams for change. Change is constant, so it’s only a matter of time before leaders must face a set of circumstances that require a change in “how we do things here.”

A change in circumstances shouldn’t cause a change of heart. The love of a leader shouldn’t diminish in the heat of a battle.
When a team becomes unstable, a leader will demonstrate strong stability. There will be no doubt in the office that the circumstances are not insurmountable as the leader over-communicates a plan. Communication increases in clarity and frequency.
The Holy Spirit is not surprised or panicked by any circumstance.
Be led by the Holy Spirit as you lead.


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