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Why Jesus Chose Mary Magdalene to Proclaim His Resurrection

She was desperate.

Sleep had evaded her. But the dark night sky gave way to a deep blue hue and the hope of a new day.

She could go now.

Though weary, Magdalene would be the first one to the tomb. She knew exactly where they had placed Him (Matthew 27:59-61), and she had a job to do. She would prepare his body properly for burial with spices. At least that was her plan. Perhaps, though, she simply needed to see him one more time. She needed closure.

But Mary Magdalene would not find a dead Jesus.

The stories of Resurrection Sunday are endearing to me–especially the encounter between Mary Magdalene and the Messiah. What a story. A lady once filled with seven demons, most likely schizophrenic, was the chosen one to go to the disciples and proclaim the risen Christ.

Does that give any of us hope that we can serve God in a mighty way?

Why was she chosen? It’s quite simple, really. She was chosen because she was the one still looking for His body. She was there! The others had gone back home.

I’m afraid I would’ve walked home dejected with Peter. But she didn’t. Oh, to be more like Mary called Magdalene.

I don’t think there is one of us who can’t relate to this dear woman somewhere deep in our hearts—her issues, her desire to serve Him, her desperate faith. Let’s look at her encounter with the resurrected Jesus.


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