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“I had just come back from the US and my life changed drastically”, Holy Dave Tells His Story How He Turned His Life Round After Being A Rebel

You were once an alcoholic before getting saved. What led to this?

I had just come back from the US and my life changed drastically. I was admitted to Machakos Boys High School. I had so much freedom and I did not know what to do with it. I was also bitter that my parents had taken my sister Joey to a better school and insisted I join Machakos Boys, even after I performed so well in exams.

You did this to rebel against your parents?

Yes. We were brought up in a God-fearing environment. So going into alcohol and drugs was quite a shocker for my parents.

How did this affect your lifestyle?

I had many girlfriends and my grades dropped, though I was a bright student.

How did your family feel about this?
My family was quite disappointed. I also started stealing from them. I perfected the art to a point they did not even notice.

You seem quite close to Joey, did this affect your relationship?
Not really. One day, my parents gave me money so that I could organise a birthday party for her, but I used it to hold a party for my friends in the house instead.

How was your lifestyle?

I would hold big parties with my friends who would get illegal liquor from Kibera. One day, a friend saw me hiding some money and he stole it thinking that I was too drunk to notice. The next morning, I accosted him and got my money back, but not before teaching him a lesson. It ended up being a police case as I slit his lip during the fight. My elder sister bailed me out.


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