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Kaymo Of Thitima Is Back With New Song “Vuvuzela”

Kaymo Thitima has gone and come out with a new song after their break-out hit called “Thitima Anthem”. The song was a collaboration with Stigah and introduced a unique style of music to the gospel industry.

Now he is back with a new song titled “Vuvuzela” that seeks to capitalize on the World Cup hype. The song is obviously an ode to the famous trumpet-like instrument that was used in the 2010 World Cup by many South Africans.

Kaymo Thitima

The sound it produced was like that of a hive bees flying in concert. A horrible sound to most, me included. But Kaymo must think the song will do well with that name being used.

Kaymo Thitima

Kaymo wrote the following to describe his song:


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