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I Was Kidnapped By A Mukorino Woman, Says Lady Searching For Kin

A Kenyan woman identified as Joyce Mumbi is happy to be reunited with her family.

Mumbi, has been looking for her family for more than 15 years and she revealed that she was kidnapped by a mukrino woman when she was young.

“Hi everyone! I hope this finds all of you well. My name is Joyce Mumbi and I have been brought up in Ngong in a children’s home called st.Paul’s children’s home.

I was kidnapped by a mukurino woman when I was young back then in 2002 when my mum had left me with her friend. This woman found me playing with other kids outside one evening and she took me to her house as she was my friend’s neighbor. She gave me very bitter white tea and from then I lost memory.

In her house, I could hear people looking for me but I could not respond and that same night she moved out with me to Kiambu town at a place called Kambe,” she wrote in part.

Kenyan woman Joyce Mumbi who was kidnapped by a mukurino woman

She went ahead to narrate what her horrific experience in the hands of this mukurino woman

“There is when she started mistreating me by taking me to beg for money on the street pretending to be sick, she had written something on a very big paper but I could not read back then so I really do not know what she had written there. So she could carry me, go lay me down on a busy street and cover me from head to toe and place that piece of paper in front of me and people could read and throw me money there then she would pick me late at night and that was my life with her not eating or drinking anything the whole day. She could starve me to death, beat me and leave me for dead.


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