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I Was Kidnapped By A Mukorino Woman, Says Lady Searching For Kin

She mistreated me for a while moving me from one street to another as she collects the money that good Samaritans gave me. I lived this hell of a life with her for a while in Kiambu town until one day she got late to pick me up and it was raining and I was there being rained on, shivering and my clothes were all wet.

Then a woman was passing by and she saw me, she took me to her house, dressed me and fed me and the next morning she took me to Kiambu’s chief office where she gave him that paper and after the chief read it, the woman was caught and taken to Kiambu police station.

She was then jailed and I was taken to a children’s home by the name Pendekezo Letu home and then in 2004, I was taken to another children’s home by the name St Paul’s children’s home in Ngong. I grew up there with its challenges until when I regained my memory.

The bitter tea that mukurino woman gave me affected my mind and I forgot all about my family and just the other day when I regained my memory back I remembered I had a mum called Wanjiru, my dad was Njoroge, my elder sis was Muthoni, my grandmother was Muthoni and this is all I can remember since I was young and I had not known both names of each.

I remember I was called Mumbi though am not sure of the second name. I don’t know if I was given by that mukurino woman or the children’s home or what.. I now trying to retrace my family after being separated for over 16 years now but I don’t know where or how. The only place I can remember was my grandmother place which is Gachie but not sure which side of Gachie.

I only remember my mother telling us we are going to visit our grandmother in Gachie. And I can remember Kiambu town where I was living with that mukurino woman who kidnapped me but I do not know the name of the place she kidnapped me from.

That is my story and I am here crying out loud to everyone out there who knows any family members, my mother, father and grandmother or any relative whom I can’t remember but they lost their daughter by the name Mumbi please help me find them.

I have suffered enough wondering who I am, my identity and my roots. I really want to know my parents, relatives and the real me. I want to reunite with them and feel my parents love and my family.”

Mumbi’s story went viral and she finally met her family. In another post, she thanked everyone who spread the message and she’s happy to have met with her family.

“Hey guys, I am so grateful for all your prayers and well wishes. Here I am again sharing goods news of reunion with my family. I really don’t know who to show my appreciation to all those who stood with me. May God bless all of you and mostly I give all glory to God for the miracles he has done in my life. I am a living witness that God is there and he works in a miraculous way that no man can. I will live to glorify God and I encourage anyone out there going through a hard situation, don’t give up please, keep praying, believing in God and he shall hear you out. I remember I used to ask God not to let me die before I see my family and here I am, its a joy to be reunited with them but also sad I lost my parents without seeing them, I really didn’t expect this.

I never knew how it felt to lose a family member but today I am experiencing the pain people go through and it’s not easy, I will only see my parents grave. This is so painful and so much to handle.
But on the other hand, I thank God for my grandmother and sister and everyone I have not know yet.
Thanks to #Man Nyari Original, Mercy Nungari and Kameme for coming to my rescue. God bless you all.”


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