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Kirk Franklin Hit By Sisters Jail Term, Wishes He Could Have Done More To Help

Kirk Franklin
Kirk Franklin

Multi-time Grammy award winner Kirk Franklin revealed yesterday that his sister was sentenced to 30 years in a Texas state prison.h

The singer shared the sad news on his instagram page to the shock of his many followers. Immediately leading to many asking what she could’ve possible done to warrant such many years.

In the image shared he stated clearly that he wished he could have done more to help his sister.

Kirk  has also over the years shared his sister’s battle with drug abuse for years. In an interview he shared more light on her battle,

“For over ten years, my younger sister was incarcerated in a facility here in Texas. She was in love with a young man who was drug dealer,” Franklin said in 2015. “He introduced her to not only selling drugs, but using as well. 

When he was arrested for drug trafficking, she was arrested along with him. After she served her time, she was brought before the review board who determined she was ready to be released and brought back into society. The documents were signed and she was set free… but only on paper.”


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